Why do we throw Confetti?

One of the most treasured photographs of a wedding is the the Confetti Moment, the time when the newlywed couple comes out following the wedding cermoney, to be greeted by their guests in an excited a flurry Confetti.  It is a wonderful picture sas the smiles are from ear to ear as all the couple have been planning finally comes to fruition, the photo that you treasure and that makes any  wedding memorable.

But why do we do it? Who introduced this custom

Thats what we wanted to find out and using today’s most precious resource the internet we discovered it was from the Italians that introduced the custom. The word “confetti” originates from the Italian word that means “confectionary.”  For the Italians the word“confetti,” means sweets such as candied fruit or sugared almonds, which are often handed out during special events.  Italians refer to the paper confetti as ‘coriandoli’ which means coated coriander seeds used for wedding celebrations during hard times when sugar and paper was scarce.

Like many wedding traditions the throwing of  confetti over newlyweds is a custom that can be traced to the ancient times.  The purpose of throwing seeds, rice  or grain  as it was then , over the newlyweds is to wish their marriage  to be as abundant and as fruitful as grain.  Over many centuries people believed that the couple would be as fertile as the seeds thrown over them, and of course marriage was expected to be blessed with children, many children. In addition it was showing the newly married couple that you wished to sprinkle their coming together as man and wife with blessings!

In recent years , colourful shaped pieces of paper were sometimes used instead of rice or grain.   I cant imagine what it might have been like to be showered with uncooked rice or grain certainly not very appealing!  However, paper wedding confetti is now frowned upon as litter, with many churches and wedding venues forbidding it use!

This is where Confetti Petals can help we offer environmentally friendly versions of  Confetti , “Delphinium Natural Flower Confetti Petals” acceptable to the majority of churches and wedding venuesDM-354 super crop. Our Confetti Petals are 100% natural and 100%  biodegradable. So the next time you see a an excited newlywed couple being showered by confetti, you’ll know the reason behind this  wonderful traditional custom!

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