Why choose Confetti from Confetti Petals

Why should you choose to buy your confetti from Confetti Petals?

Because we are different that’s why!

We are not your usual Farmers who have inherited the land and lived in the Countryside all there lives. W were brought up in the city and when the opportunity to buy the farm came up we jumped at the chance and set about renovating the house and farm buildings whilst trying to work out how we could do something productive with our 23 acres. Once we came up with growing flowers to make Confetti the easy part was over next all  the hard work. We had no hedgerows, the stream running through the land was overgrown and neglected and very few trees.

Changes after World War 2 to make Great Britain self sufficient in food led to new intensive large scale farming methods. The visible result was that the ancient patchwork of small meadows became a landscape of vast prairies as walls were demolished, woodlands felled, ponds filled, wetlands drained and hedgerows ripped out!

Hedgerows were lines of dense bushes, shrubs and trees, forming a network which stretched across the countryside, protecting fields from erosion, and supporting a varied range of flowers whilst providing shelter for numerous insects birds and small animals. Thousands of miles of hedgerows were destroyed in the postwar decades, and between the 1980’s and early 2000 shockingly  another 25% disappeared.

This was the landscape we inherited when we purchased the farm and set up Confetti Petals. Something needed to be done the wind howls across our land, overturning my potted plants and bins. We decided their were a couple of areas that needed tackling, the overgrown stream, and the tree and hedgerow situation. Working with the Environment Agency we were able to see  maps of the site going back to the 1860’s. The stream meandered through our land then but had been straightened in the 50’s and there had been ponds filled in, and also a woodland or orchard that  had been ripped out. We contacted the Woodland Trust and got advice on the sort of trees and hedging plants that might have been here before the mass destruction of the 50’s It ‘s been a long winter since we planted the seed for this years crop and a huge amount of work has been undertaken, but a  lot has been achieved.

We now have two beautiful large ponds which sit alongside the newly created meandering stream, a recreation of the 1800’s landscape, we have planted nearly 6000 trees and hedgerow plants creating 500 meters of new hedgerow and a new woodland to replace the ones ripped out in the 50’s. This is a long term project and I doubt we will live long enough to see the 400 Oak trees reach maturity but my Grandchildren may look at the land and say ” that wood was planted by us in 2015″. Confetti Petals is using the land to  help the bees, birds  and small animals that should thrive in the Countryside. we are the only Confetti Company that are investing so much of their own personal time, money  and energy into the environment, but we need to do something for our Children and Grandchildren’s future and yours.


Lilian Sykes

How things were

How things were

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