Wholesale Confetti

Confetti Petals offers a stunning range of natural real flower petal confetti for your wedding or event which we grow on our 23 acre farm in North Warwickshire. We mainly use delphiniums in a range of 9 colours from the palest pinks to the most vivid blues.

We add to our range then using native wild flowers and some surprising garden flowers which allows us to offer confetti in so many various and beautiful colours. All our natural confetti petals are hand picked and dried naturally and they are the only truly 100% biodegradable confetti.

Are you looking for frequent bulk buys of natural confetti for business use or resale?

We can help!

Our natural confetti is 100% natural, pesticide-free, grown and packaged on our grounds in Warwickshire. We can even work to suit you so if you want to provide your own packaging. Confetti is sold per litre.

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