Spring is a busy time

Drying BarnSpring is a busy time here on the farm and we have been monitoring our crop closely. We planted the delphinium larkspur seed on 25th April and have had a mixture of sun and rain, so we have been able to let nature do its thing, without any interference from us. You can see all the rows of seedlings in the fields quite clearly now so it is very exciting to see our first full crop emerging. Meanwhile there are still plenty of other jobs on the farm to be getting on with!

Our new office is well underway the roof has been insulated and the brickwork pointed, so it should be quite snugly all year, we have now got to build a new kennel for the dog as she has been evicted from our office barn! The land drainage scheme we have been working on is also nearing completion we now have several large ponds to drain into, which should help dry the really wet areas of the farm. I notice a heron is circling daily so I think he has his eye on a new source for his dinner, and already we have ducks landing on the pond so hopefully they will take up residence.

Our wild flower meadow has also been planted and again the seedlings are emerging, its always amazing to see fields go from nothing into a riot of colour as we move forward into the summer months. We just need sunshine everyday and a bit of rain during the night but then don’t we all want that!!