Red & White

Our daughter is getting married later this year, so I will be the mother of the bride for the very first time and am very excited about it. We have done the wedding dress and bridesmaids shopping but as yet have not anything for mef or for our two boys, but they are growing like weeds so we will wait till nearer the time. The venue she is getting married at are delighted that she is using our biodegradable confett,i as they have banned paper and metallic confetti but are now willing to let their brides use ours. As a result she has asked for a rather special mix of confetti in red and white, as it is a Christmas Wedding. We don’t have a red delphinium, so I have experimented with various plants to produce a deep red, and have finally settled on geraniums as we can air dry these in the same way as we do the Delphiniums. I planted out a small bed of 300 plants, I know calling 300 plants small seems mad, but field planting is on such a different scale to gardening and the jump is huge.



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