Large Ivory Box of Confetti Petals

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A large box of our Natural Flower Confetti Petals. A large box contains 4 generous handfuls of confetti, making them perfect for a family of 4 to share between them. Our boxes are practical yet elegant, they are the perfect size to just slip in your pocket or handbag,Available in a range of colours.

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A large  ivory box  of our Natural Flower Confetti Petals, with a square window. This box contains 500mm of confetti petals enough to share with up to four people.

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1. Baby Pink, 2. Blush, 3. Rasberry Pink, 4. Candy Floss, 5. Soft Lilac, 6. Deep Lilac, 7. Baby Blue, 8. Azure Blue, 9. Ivory white, 10. Red Geranium, 11. Marigold Yellow, 12. Rainbow Mix

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