Confetti Petals Tub

June 15 Baskets and Cones 008


A resealable tub of all natural confetti petals. Available in a range of colours.

They’re perfect for bridesmaids, flower girls, table decorations and are available in a choice of beautiful colours.

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Product Description

One Litre Tub of Natural Flower Confetti Petals, with Screw Top Lid. The Confetti Petals Tub keeps the Confetti in Perfect condition, even in damp environments and can be reused afterwards, contains just over a litre of Confetti Petals.

Confetti Petals are the perfect choice for brides and grooms that care about the environment, all our Confetti is “Church Yard” and venue friendly, they look great and will blow away in the wind and biodegrade in a couple of days.

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1. Baby Pink, 2. Blush, 3. Rasberry Pink, 4. Candy Floss, 5. Soft Lilac, 6. Deep Lilac, 7. Baby Blue, 8. Azure Blue, 9. Ivory white, 10. Red Geranium, 11. Marigold Yellow, 12. Rainbow Mix

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