Poppies and Wild Flowers

Confetti Petals have been working hard to create wild flower meadows and it has been meet with varying degrees of success.  Carrying on from the success of our Wildflower strips we decided to allocate our top field as a Wild Flower Meadow which was duly planted with hundreds of seeds. We thought it would be perfect to get a whole field of poppies as it was the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WW1. It was a disaster hardly any poppies came up and in fact the neighbouring fields seed to have got my poppies as what I had was very sparse. This year however without any effort on our part the poppies are looking spectacular!

Spectacular but not where I planted them, they have come up in the midst of our crop of delphiniums! they are now the view from my kitchen window which is fantastic and we are not worried about them being in our Confetti Crop as the poppies will have died off before we harvest and as we hand pick we can just work around them, The bees are loving it as we are looking to have some hives put here on the farm so that should really help with the pollination. In one of the photographs you can see a bee going in for the nectar, just delicious!

We at Confetti Petals hope you enjoy looking at the photographs as much as we are enjoying the fileds.Poppies 006

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Poppies 006Poppies 003


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