Natural Confetti

We offer a range of Natural Confetti that can be supplied in a number of colours to suit your event.
To order simply add the petals and accessories you require, or if you wish to find out more please give us call or drop us a line.

Why do we love natural confetti?

Natural Confetti Petals

Since the 1930’s changes in farming methods have led to a huge decline in our wild flower meadows in the countryside. By purchasing our Confetti Petals you are helping us to restore some of the balance, and we can continue to expand our wild flower meadows, as well as encouraging the bees to feast on the nectar from our delphiniums and larkspur. Our fields resound to the sound of bees, birds and other insects devouring all the goodness that our flowers have to offer all summer long.

The variety of flowers and grasses that are characteristic of wildflower meadows support an array of wildlife, and are especially vital for many of the UK’s insect and butterfly species.

Man-made wildflower meadows have existed in Britain for thousands of years and by planting our flowers and wildflower meadows we are keen to restore the balance. In the time we have been here we already established a have a small colony of rare Snakes Head Fritillaries. 67% of distinctively-patterned fritillaries, which grow in meadows, have disappeared in the last few decades. Common plants like yellow rattle are in decline, but we are introducing them into our meadows to keep the grasses at bay, green winged orchids are also a rare sight.

Lesser butterfly orchids and greater butterfly orchids have also declined by 60% and 47% respectively. The farm is being developed to be as self-sufficient as possible with all green waste recycled for use as mulching material or as compost. Natural predators are encouraged for pest control and only natural fertilizers are used. Our Confetti Petals are doing their bit to support the planet!