June 30th 2015 – A little bit of sun

It is all very exciting here on the Confetti Petals Farm, just one week ago we walked the farm with Rory and Emma a couple getting married at the end of June next year and not a flower on the farm was in bloom. What a difference a week makes, I walked the farm on Sunday and there were a few flowers coming out but today all around the edges of the fields are starting to bloom. The blue colours once again are pushing ahead but the Raspberry Pink is also starting to go! Last year our whites were really disappointing, but more to do with the position they were planted in than anything, we moved them this year so they got some shelter from the hedgerow and the house rather than on the most exposed part of the site and they are looking fantastic.

It is amazing what a difference planting in the autumn makes rather than the spring, last year we planted beginning of April this year we planted last September and the flowers with the autumn planting are so much taller, they tower over me already! Whilst I am excited I am also as always, a little daunted by the scale of the planting which is all harvested by hand eight acres is the size of eight professional football pictures so lots of flowers , lots of petals and lots and lots of gorgeous confetti!30th June 2015 030We have been so busy with Confetti Petals we have fallen a bit behind with the conversion of our old Stable Bloack into our Confetti Cottages, They will be featured on our Sykes Barns but as you can see in the summer months they will back onto our flowwer fileds and have the most spectaular views.

I have decided to try and write a post and take photos of the farm everyday so that you can also enjoy seeing our harvest come into flower.

The Blue delphiniums with the Confetti Cottages  in the rear view

The Blue delphiniums with the Confetti Cottages in the rear view

30th June 2015 025


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