If you have a good idea!

Way back in 2011 when we first thought about growing flowers on the farm it was before we had our offer to purchase it accepted, and most people I spoke to regarding Confetti just smiled indulgently as if it was a non starter ! It did take a lot of research to see if growing flowers to make confetti petals was viable and if we could actually grow them on such a windy site, then finding a seed supplier as not being from a farming background it was all totally new to us.

You know what its like when you have what you think is a brilliant idea only to find that someone else had already thought of it! Once I had decided on Delphinium’s as a plant it was not long before I came across another company already growing them for Confetti. The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company in Worcestershire. Amazing,when I looked at their website they had even grown the flowers in a Union Jack formation. I wasn’t sure if we could ever produce flowers to the standard they were doing, their fields looked amazing and the  website proudly shows all the media interest they have had.

Every year the Real Flower Petal Confetti  Company open their fields to the public so we went and had a look, and what a sight to behold. I have been to Lavender Fields which are impressive and the smell fantastic, but the Delphinium Fields were spectacular because of the array of colours and the flowers were so tall. The Daddy of Delphiniums had definitely set the bar high, could we reach it?

Our first crop in 2014 was pretty good the flowers were fine but lacked the height only reaching my waist. This year I really feel we have cracked it, our fields are in my opinion, as good as the ones we saw all those years ago ,and as you can see our flowers dwarf me. The local paper has featured us and we have an open day on Sunday 26th from 1-4pm for people to come and enjoy the flowers.

July 20th 2015 Delphinium fields 048July 20th 2015 Delphinium fields 075

As always here on the farm its not just the flower harvest which is keeping us busy, our Barn Conversion for our holiday accommodation is well underway and they have been nicknamed the Confetti Cottages. The three units will all have one bedroom and a lounge with a bed settee and will sleep up to four people, to book we will be using our sister website of

Life is really hectic at the moment but we are achieving things here on the farm The fishing lake is complete and has fish, 6000 trees have been planted our wild flower strips did well and the poppies were fantastic, we are trialing  lavender and wheat sheafs to expand our range must be due for a holiday soon.30th June 2015 004 30th June 2015 021

  • sandyg1986

    Its so lovely to see the pink and purple fields in the distance as I turn into Knowle Hill.
    Gutted we can’t come to your open day.

  • Lilian Sykes

    Hi Sandy

    We will have one every year but give us a call if you want to come up and see the flowers.