Hot Hot Hot July 2nd 2015

Continuing with our photograph diary I have been out again with the camera to take photos of the delphiniums as they are coming into flower. I have to say I am no David Bailey but am rather pleased with the results!

July 2nd 2015 Pink and Blue Confetti Petals

July 2nd 2015 Pink and Blue Confetti Petals

The Lilac is still the furthest ahead followed by the Raspberry pink, today the Sapphire blue is making its presence felt but our more delicate colours the whites and pale pinks are still not as far ahead.

July 2nd 2015 Flowers 001

I love the poppies which have done really well this year, and I have a wonderful view of them from my kitchen window,

July 2nd 2015 Flowers 010 30th June 2015 005

I went out to post some orders earlier and as I came around the corner seeing the fields in the distance certainly made my day. We have quite a few photographers and wedding couples coming out to do some pre wedding photographs in the coming weeks

July 2nd 2015 Flowers 023July 2nd 2015 Flowers 008

We have had such a busy time through the winter to ensure that when we had our pickers on site that they had some decent facilities when they took their breaks, we have built them a new staff room, note all the secateurs ready for us to start picking the Confetti Petals. We have  also built two new toilets,  and a new office.

July 2nd 2015 Flowers 028July 2nd 2015 Flowers 027

We have now finally started our Stable Block Conversion for our Confetti Petal Holiday Cottages, which will be features on our sister site

Juley 1st 2015 Flowers 001