Growing Confetti

When Tom and I first came across that Farm it was in such a state, it had been empty for several years and had been vandalised, every window across the site had been smashed,  the lead off the roof, copper, plumbing and electrics had all been stolen. The roof was open to the elements and water was pouring in. Given that, the windows were boarded up and we viewed it by torchlight, to make an offer was madness it was a huge project for a couple in their 50’s. I had just had my 50 birthday and Tom his 59th! On top of that there was the 23 acres of overgrown agricultural land what on earth would we do with that?

I was brought up with a “Can Do” attitude, from my earliest years if we said we could not do something my Mother always said “ You can do anything you want, If you want to”. It has been something I have told myself many times over the years, “ I can do that”

So when I first came up with the idea of growing Delphiniums to make biodegradable confetti it was met with a bit of derision and scepticism.” How are you going to do that, you are not Farmers” No we are not, we are just ordinary people who grew up in the city of Coventry, although both sets of parents, mine and Tom’s came from the country. My answer was “ How hard can it be, its not Rocket science or Brain Surgery! Plants are like children, feed them water them give them some sun and they will grow, because that’s what they want to do! Growing Baby Blue Confetti Petals

My family and friends are so excited now, and we have a team of volunteers to help with the harvest, and yes I am grateful that we have a “Can Do Attitude” because without it we would not be here, and looking forward to bringing in our fist crop of flowers for Confetti Petals!

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