How many suppliers!

Here at Confetti Petals we know that we are not the first in the industry to sell Natural Confetti Petals made with Real Flowers grown in our own fields, we know that! There are several other Confetti Petal farms around the country, the  most notable in Shropshire and Worcestershire who are running very successful businesses and are brilliant at what they do. They both offer an excellent product, and both take a slightly different approach to how they sell and where they target there business.  The wedding market in the UK is huge, worth over 10 billion pounds per year to the British economy, and the average wedding costing between 10-20K. I think that means there is plenty of room for everyone, new and existing businesses, and importantly local!

Atherstone for instance is a small market town in North Warwickshire, historically the Hat Making center of the UK,  another industry we have sadly lost! However  if you are looking for a bespoke” Mother of the Bride” hat look no further than my neighbour Yvonne Trivett who makes the most amazing hats and made mine for my daughters recent wedding last year.

I was talking about Atherstone, last years its its one Wedding Dress Shop Closed down. Since then three new ones have opened up, is that a bad thing? No!

Firstly competition is healthy and secondly with three bridal shops Atherstone is now a destination town for brides looking for their perfect wedding dress. Each shop has its own unique style because each is run by someone different. It is the same throughout the industry.

I think all couples planning a wedding should try and speak to as many people as they can, go to the Wedding Shows, meet the people! It may be there are three equally good photographers or cake makers but  only one that you click with. One that you feel understand you and what you are looking for. There would be no point having a photographer who does the most amazing formal photographs if you plan an intimate and informal wedding. All of the suppliers I work with want there offer to be the best that they  can make it, because we want all our lovely wedding couples to have the best day of their lives and from our point of view that Confetti moment is so precious, as its a moment in time that can never be recaptured!

Hat photo

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