Countdown to the Wedding

To all the brides and parents off out there we at Confetti petals know exactly how you feel on the run up to the wedding.Its just eight days now to my eldest daughters wedding. Today I have a bridesmaid dress to pick up which needed altering. The eldest son whos is growing like a weed needs to try his suit on again, its been altered at the waist but we didn’t dare shorten the trousers as he goes to bed and gets up a cm taller everyday! Well that is what it feels like when your little boy starts to tower over you.

Our little bridesmaids are carrying our baskets filled with our Winter Berry Confetti Petals and for the guests we are using all the colours so that the confetti really sparkles on the photos.

Gosh still so much to do and so little time. Have a cake to make this weekend which is going for icing on Monday aahh.V2 Confetti Colours Dec 14 011

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