Countdown to the wedding

Its been a really hectic time since we finished stripping the flowers into our Confetti Petals. The Confetti Barn had cleared and we are preparing to paint some of the barn ready for next years harvest, we have been pointing and painting some of the old barns but of course the thing that has kept me really busy is my daughter’s forthcoming wedding. I would like to take credit for much of the organisation but since she was the smallest child Danielle has been so organised it was untrue.! This time last year the dress was ordered and bridesmaids dresses purchased, I have to say I thought she was so ahead of herself, however they year has flown by so quickly and I cannot believe that in 9 days time she will be getting married.

I have some jobs left to do, I have made waistcoats for my boys and husband but need two more buttons as was not happy with two that I covered first. I should of course have been more organised but on this occasion was, I think clearing up the left over fabrics I must have scooped up the first six buttons covered and put them in the bin! These things are sent to try us.

I have got the most fantastic hat made by Estlynn, having a very small head I have never been able to by a hat from the high street so armed with my outfit I went to see Estlynn who has a studio near where we live close to Atherstone in North Warwickshire. I was uncertain how much it would cost but thought well its my daughters wedding so it would cost what it costs. Imagine my surprise when told I could purchase or hire! This is the best bit the hire cost was just £28.00 and to purchase less than £40 I could not have bought a hat in the high street at that price. Ladies if you want a hat for a wedding or Ascot Estlynn is the lady to see. Incidentally her hats were featured in Vogue after Ascot last year so Confetti Petals really do recommend her. Photos to follow.