Beginning of July



It is now twelve weeks since we put in the seed for our delphiniums to make our biodegradable confetti, and the plants are coming along well. Tom and I have spent the last few weeks weeding and have completed around four acres! It has been back breaking work with just hoes but we have committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible so the only way is to weed in the same way you do in the garden!  We have made a decision to just live with the weeds in the last two and see if that causes us any kind of problems for the harvest.

Over the winter we stored the confetti from our trail beds in various places and in different containers to see if the confetti is affected by different conditions. Surprisingly the confetti put in cardboard boxes started to lose their colour, but of course cardboard absorbs the moisture and as most of the storage is in the barns then they are not warm and dry! It’s all a learning curve as the confetti is biodegradable, but we need to ensure that it only starts to biodegrade once it has been thrown at the bride and groom!

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