Amy and Alan

11407215_832647183485582_6209748750805833776_n We were delighted to receive these wonderful pictures from Amy and Alan’s recent wedding in Cyprus. Look behind the Bride and Groom and you can see the sea in the background. Amy and Alan had pink as their colour theme so choose our  Pink Blush Confetti Petals for their wedding. They choose to have their Confetti in our small Organza bags and each of the wedding party were given the Pink Blush Confetti Petals. Amy and Alan then decided to mix it up for the rest of their guests so had our Rainbow Mix as that meant that when the Confetti was thrown you had a range of colours floating in the air which looks amazing on the train or Amy’s beautiful wedding dress.

Amy choose Cyprus for her wedding venue having worked their for a few years as a Entertainer in a holiday resort, and decided then that was where she wanted to get married! the weather was perfect and everything went according to plan. The Confetti was so light that it added nothing to the weight restrictions in their packing.

Confetti Petals wish Amy and Alan11391618_832647270152240_6539294676107999173_n a long and happy marriage.

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